In the village El Majahual there are about 1,000 families out of which 25%
have access to drinking water while the other 75% obtain water from
natural sources like rain, wells, and rivers that flow into the village.

The Ripple Effect

Every action that we make has an effect, like ripples expanding across the water when an object is dropped into it.

We want good actions to be reproduced and increasingly more people with access to drinking water in El Salvador.

Drop by drop

With the purchase of FILI you will helping to reproduce good actions, giving access to high quality water to people in several villages along the coastline of El Salvador, where drinking water is scarce.

What we offer?

A water filtration system to treat contaminated natural sources in order to purify water and make it safe for human consumption. The latter is achieved through a filter composed of three layers that contain matter found along the coastal zone. Experts in water treatment have validated the effectiveness of the process.


FILI is delivered under the drop-for-drop model: every time you purchase our product, you will be helping a family without access to drinking water.


Designing for Vulnerability collaborates with needy villagers in order to plan work on the water filtration system and to generate job opportunities in the village.


Would you like to reproduce good actions?

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